P.T. Crockett Consulting
P.T. Crockett Consulting is your aggressive
change agent to assist you on your way to
better quality, faster growth and better
customer satisfaction.

We are currently working with Algorithmic
traders like PHD Trading Technologies
(PHDTT). PHDTT executes trades in the
stock market, direct to the NASDAQ
matching engine utilizing complex
algorithmic models, all created utilizing JMP

Our founder, Paul Crockett, is a certified
Six Sigma Black Belt and has over 15 years
experience with companies like DELL, Allied
Signal, QSI Corp and more.
"Through Paul's insight, vision and
hard work, the Operations department transformed more in nine months,
than in the previous six years."
Alan Ericson, QSI Corporation
"Great Ops Manager! Skillful Six Sigma Black Belt"
Van Norman, QSI Corporation
"Paul is highly skilled in all technical
and leadership aspects while
also excelling in organizational
agility at both the functional and
cross - functional level."
Bryan Martin, Dell Inc.
Think Lean
P.T. Crockett Consulting has the resources to transform your company and improve the skill set of any employee. Based in Salt Lake City we offer Lean and Six Sigma Training that gets results. Training or consulting can be tailored for your individual needs and learning style. See what our experience can do for you. Find out more today and contact us for more information.